Carson City Recreational Marijuana now Legal

Ever since the state of Nevada has legalized recreational marijuana use by passing a statewide vote in 2016, cities and counties in Nevada are still implementing recreational sale of marijuana. You can just take a look at the State of Nevada’s Marijuana site which provides you the information about the legality of Marijuana in Carson City. Just one the 1st of January 2018, Carson City Recreational Marijuana has become legal for any person to purchase. CHRISTMASMARIJUANA

Currently their are two state licenced facilities in Carson City that are licecnced to sell recreational marijuana in Carson City. Those two place are:


Both of these establishments in Carson City provide a safe state mandated sale of recreational marijuana. However on January, 1 2018 the lines were not out the door like they were in Reno when sales first became recreational. This is most likely do to the fact that the residents of Carson City simply just drove to Reno to pick up their herbal medications. Now however, Carson City is allowing for sale inside the city limit. But the pace of traffic at the stores has not been long lines. This is a great thing for Carson City recreational marijuana users.

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